Cecchetti Classical Ballet

taught by Kate Kaleb and Natalie Feary

starting age minimum 3 years

Cecchetti trained dancers are renowned for their sense of line, musicality and excellent classical technique. The Cecchetti Ballet syllabus is designed to teach ballet movements, terms and concepts in a way that is appropriate for children’s intellectual and physical development. We have classes suitable for beginners of any age, and classes up to major level for experienced dancers.

New students who have studied Cecchetti Ballet can commence in their current level. Students who have studied a different method of ballet will be placed in classes with students of their current skill level. Due to COVID 19 we will not host exams in 2020: students will be able to take exams with us in Term 2 2021.

For more information about Cecchetti Ballet go to: www.cecchettiballet.org

Grade 6 ballet students. 2018 Concert Photo by Treasured Timelines